Welcome to the Capital City Camera Club!

We “typically” meet on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM at Eastmont Baptist Church, 4505 Atlanta Highway, Montgomery, Alabama.  Occasionally, there will be a college football game which will take priority since our members are avid football fans or there might be a church activity which will change our meeting date.  Please email pamgreen72 @ gmail.com (You’ll have to type the address without spaces) to verify the date before making a trip to meet with us.

Our club using Facebook to share pictures, vote on images, and to communicate with one another.  To participate with us, you need to be a member of Facebook.  Our Facebook page is Capital City Camera Club.  We accept members who are local to our region.

Our club was founded in 1977 and is open to anyone having an interest in photography regardless of skill level. Dues are $24 per year for individual/$36 for a family membership.  The club offers members an opportunity to learn more about their hobby or craft and to share individual photographic knowledge or experiences with other members. We are an active group, with bi-monthly competitions, programs, and monthly field trips to places that offer us the chance to photograph things of interest.

Payments can be made at the door or by a special PayPal link we will share at the time you express the desire to join us.

We look forward to seeing you!